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Looking for some info to help you become a more effective parent? The Come On Aussie Children's Library contains a variety of articles on this and a lot more topics to do with kids.

Articles from the Children's Library

A Bedtime Story for A New Day
Every child loves a bedtime story. Good stories inspire the imagination and create a sense of drama and suspense. Stories are as old as the bible and as new as the latest published book. [More]

Mom Are We There Yet
If the children are bored, they start to pick on each other or insist on asking the dreaded, “Are We There Yet?” question that all drivers love to hear every 10 minutes. [More]

In a child’s education an important factor is the parents’ expertise for this “job”. No one is born holding all the knowledge, but we can learn and understand some things from books or advice from qualified persons. [More]

The Family Thats Plays Together: Stays Together
Your children won't remember and thank you for all the hours you put in at work, but they will always cherish the family time together. The family that plays together stays together [More]

Teaching the Kids to Cook
If you're ready to teach your children how to cook, here are some simple tips for teaching them the basics, and giving them skills that will last them a lifetime! [More]

Lifestyle Balancing: Work & Family Life
Oh, how times have changed. Think back 20 years or so. The average family had 2 children, one parent who was the main income earner, and one home maker. Generally speaking, the father went to work and provided the income, and the mother stayed home to perform the unpaid work of raising the kids, doing the washing and making sure dinner was on the table and ready to eat by 6.00pm sharp. There was a definite equilibrium of balance. [More]

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