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Looking for some ideas to improve your finances? Consolidate some credit card debt? The Come On Aussie Finance Library contains a variety of articles on a range of finance topics.

Articles from the Finance Library

What's the Deal with Interest Only Mortgages?
Have you heard that commercial about interest-only mortgages...the one where you’re told about what a wonderful benefit it is to have a low, low mortgage payment and all the wonderful tax write-offs you will receive? [More]

The Saga of a Mortgage Lender
When the going gets tough and the tough just keeps on going, mortgage lenders may seem like godsend angels at your doorstep. [More]

Is an Equity Line of Credit the Answer to Your Financial Needs?
If you own your home you have a financial resource available to you that can help you with your financial needs or concerns. What is it? HOME EQUITY! [More]

Need Cash? Beware of Pay Day Loans!
Have you seen the commercials? Cute characters promise financial prosperity. Happy, professional individuals appear to regularly visit their corner pay day loan shop as proudly as cashing a check at the bank. Customers at the grocery store all recommend pay day loans as the easy solution for a lack of funds. [More]

Credit Cards and You
Practically everyone in the United States has credit cards. From teenagers to retirees, almost everyone has at least one credit card. Everywhere we go we see ads - in the television, radio, newspapers, billboard advertisements - on credit cards. Some credit cards are even mailed directly to our homes. But what are credit cards, why should you have one and what are some of the risks involved? [More]

Debt Handling Solutions
Sometimes debt can seem overwhelming. In those instances, or even before things get that far out of hand, get back to basics and try some of these debt handling solutions [More]

Debt Stacking - Fast Track Out of Debt
You go to the mail box and scan - a couple fliers (nah), your magazine subscription (yes!) and bills (groan). Every month the bills show up and as you sigh and take out your check book you wonder if you will ever be free. [More]

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