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Looking for some decent information about RSS? The Come On Aussie Library contains a variety of articles on how to use Really Simple Syndication to the fullest.

Articles from the RSS Library

RSS Security
As RSS gains momentum security fears loom large. As publishers are quickly finding innovative uses for RSS feeds, hackers are taking notice. The power and extendibility of RSS in its simplest form is also its achilles heel. [More]

The Copyright Debate and RSS
RSS is commonly defined as really simple syndication. So, this means that any material contained in a feed is available for syndication, right? [More]

The Future of RSS is Not Blogs
Blogs vaulted RSS into the limelight but are unlikely to be the force that sustains RSS as a communication medium. The biggest opportunities for RSS are not in the blogosphere but as a corporate communication channel. [More]

Innovative Business Use of RSS as a Technology
While RSS was at one point only considered to be a means to deliver news headlines, RSS has quickly become a powerful medium to disseminate all kinds of information. [More]

RSS Provides Multiple Opportunities to Share Your Information
RSS content syndication is a relatively new member of the internet marketing family of campaign options. And, it seems as though new uses for RSS content are coming about very quickly. This is possibly due to recent changes in the way that major search engines like Yahoo! and Google want web site owners to advertise. [More]

Marketing Power of RSS Content Syndication
RSS content syndication is relatively new legitimate practice in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing professionals specializing in SEO techniques are beginning to recognize the value of RSS content syndication however, and it seems that the more popular this technique becomes the more effective the results. [More]

Get Better Search Engine Rankings with RSS
RSS is the latest craze in online publishing. But what exactly is RSS and how does it give you better Search Engine Ranking? [More]

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