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Looking for some ideas of where to go on your next holiday, or what you should get ready for a great trip? The Come On Aussie Travel Library contains a variety of articles on a range of travel topics.

Articles from the Travel Library

Keep Healthy While Traveling
Have you ever planned a trip weeks or maybe months in advance, but when the time comes to have fun, you get sick during the journey and have to spend your time alone in the hotel room? [More]

Tips for Backpacking
Travelers around the world enjoy seeing the sights and wonders of different places with only a backpack for all the things they need. [More]

Beat The Heat In Australia
Fine beaches, perfect weather, good people, and a more secure traveling experience. If you are looking for all these conveniences and excitement, let Australia handle that for you. Perk up your traveling experience in the sixth largest country in the world, twice as large as Europe but less crowded. [More]

75 Percent Travel Cost Savings
How would you like to visit Paris in the spring? Sample local wines in Tuscany in September? Enjoy the English countryside in the summer? Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be. [More]

Travel Writing
Things That Every Aspiring Travel Writer Should Know [More]

Avoid The Crowds
The European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) defines traveling off-peak as "traveling outside rush-hours to avoid overcrowding in public means of transport." This sounds all too simple and as we might expect - easier said than done [More]

Airport Checkpoint Tips
Seems travelers love to hate the screeners at the airport. Keep in mind, the front line personnel that you see as you make your way toward the gate are just the worker bees. [More]

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