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Add Your Australian URL to the Come On Aussie Australian Web Site Directory

We've been supporting Aussie Businesses online since 1995!

Add Your Australian URL to the Come On Aussie Australian Web Site Directory

We've been supporting Aussie Businesses online since 1995!

List your AUSTRALIAN or NEW ZEALAND website here @ Come On Aussie...

As well as creating an authoritative "business citation" here on a long established, human-moderated, well-respected Australian Web Directory, your information will also be used on a handful of sites on our network.

And... as our API becomes more widely used... your details may also appear on other "approved" websites as well!

We've set it up this way because multiple citations are very important for your local SEO! And being able to easily maintain and update these all from one place (i.e. through your Come On Aussie listing) is a great timesaver!

If you're wondering what this "citation" stuff is all about... can I suggest you visit this page

Since April 2014, we have charged a small fee for each listing submitted to help cover our costs in maintaining a quality Australian website directory. If you chose not to pay, your listing will NOT be activated.

• If SEO Agencies want a discounted rate, they will need to register.

• This service is only for web sites about AUSTRALIA/NZ
and run by businesses with a VALID AUSTRALIAN/NZ contact address.

• ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE CHECKED. Those which don't qualify ARE REMOVED!!!

We DO check WHOIS / domain records and your site if in doubt!

If we cannot verify that you are AUSTRALIAN or NZ,

(If you DO have a NON-Australian/NZ based website you would like to include, which offers USEFUL and RELEVANT content to our visitors, please consider our paid inclusion program.)

• Multiple / duplicate listings to the same domain name or similar content may be removed without notice.

• Links by affiliates to their member sites may also be removed if they do not contribute to our database. This includes listings related to home business opportunities.

That said...

It's simple enough to add your AUSTRALIAN / NZ URL to the Come on Aussie directory.

--> Just complete the details below to get started:

Please note: we DO have an email verification routine to combat listing spammers.

Complete the details below, click the verification link in the email you get, and then we'll send you another email with the URL to add your link!

REMEMBER: We DO charge a $5.00 fee to review your submission. If you don't want that, please don't register here :)

I mention this since a lot of people outside of Australia sign up here... and I've got no idea why.

They also lodge listings and never pay for them... a total waste of time LOL


Your listing is made live ONLY AFTER your PayPal payment has been processed.

(* see Conditions of Service below)

IMPORTANT - this service is ONLY for AUSTRALIAN / NZ web sites!
If you list a site that does not qualify, it IS REMOVED
and no refunds will be available.

View our Paid inclusion program for NON-Australian / NZ sites

By subscribing to this service, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Your listing on Come On Aussie is a life-time listing. However if any of the occasional emails we send to you bounce back, or your URL stops working... we'll assume that we can remove your listing.

How many emails will you receive?

Not too many at all.

Initially, you'll get just a couple of messages to familiarise you with making the most of our various services.

After that... our normal "publishing" schedule is approximately every 7-21 days or so.

Rest assured... I don't like receiving emails that are a waste of time and space, so I certainly DON'T send out emails just for the sake of flogging the latest "this or that" to my customers... If it's B.S., you won't find out about it from me!

In these messages I'll:

  • provide you with useful hints and tips about improving your web presence so you can make it work better for you.
  • update you on some services you might find useful as a web publisher, and
  • let you know of any updates or enhancements at Come On Aussie you can take advantage of.

Your email address will NEVER be used for anything other than the purposes specified above, or by anyone other than us. After all, what would be the point, considering how much trouble spammers have caused me :)

I'm sorry we have to make you jump through a few hoops to register your site. Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times. Surprisingly, we lasted for so long without having to implement such a measure!

If you've got ANY questions, then please get in touch. I do answer all enquiries quickly :)

Stephen Spry
Come On Aussie Internet Services

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