SEO Agency Registration @ Come On Aussie

The growth in the volume of "free" submissions to Come On Aussie in the past, was absolutely amazing !

The vast majority of those new submissions come from SEO Agencies who saw the worth of submitting their client sites to a long established and recognised Australian Website Directory :)

And all of that is great to see... but in an imperfect world, a VERY significant portion of the submissions required manual correction to ensure that the listing (among other things):

  • Contains a URL which works,
  • Contains correct NAP address/contact details for the client,
  • Is listed in the correct category,
  • Provides value to COA's users (i.e. contains a useful description of the website submitted), and
  • Satisfies our submission/quality guidelines.

In early 2014, the volume of corrections required grew to a point where it was no longer possible to continue providing a "free" service - with sometimes 2 or more hours of "corrections" needed on a busy day.

As a result we now offer a paid submission model (since April 2014). This means a single submission rate is payable through PayPal, to cover the time involved in reviewing and editing it.

Obviously I do not expect that SEO Agencies will pay the full amount much per submission... and am quite happy to personally discuss what your monthly needs are so I can organise an arrangement to reflect the volume of submissions you wish to place.

The current options for SEO Agencies are:

  • purchase a regular monthly subscription for 25, 50 or 100 submissions every month, OR
  • pre-pay for 25 or 50 submissions (with no expiry)

    (and receive an appropriate discount relative to the volume)

Once your agency is registered you receive a unique agency password which allows you to continue entering submissions as easily as you have done in the past.

To establish this, an Agency representative does need to either CALL ME on 041 208 2355 or email web @

I need to know your Agency details (name, phone, address etc) and your anticipated (monthly) volume of submissions to Come On Aussie.

We can then decide on what is a reasonable option for your agency, and forward a PayPal invoice to get things started :)

To your success
Stephen Spry