Come On Aussie Reward Program

Show your support for things Australian by sending people to Come On Aussie, and we'll do our bit to send others back to you!

Just for linking to us you'll get a featured "Friends" listing which promotes your web site before the "normal" listings on Come On Aussie.

It's simple... but places are limited in some categories... and some sites are NOT eligible to participate (see "Ineligible Sites" below)

  1. register your Australian site with Come On Aussie

  2. then, download to your site any (or all) of the buttons on the left hand side of this page, or the banner at the bottom of this page, and use it to place a link to us on your home page (see below in "Terms")

  3. email us (use address web [at] please) the URL that contains our button/banner/text link on your site which directly links to the Come On Aussie homepage at

  4. we'll upgrade your listing to "featured" which means it's displayed in the "Friends" section at the TOP RIGHT of each appropriate category, or TOP of each search page before any free listings are shown!

  5. Links are upgraded AT THE END OF EACH MONTH as we like to give your listing time to move through the "new sites" page first.
HTML Code examples are shown at the bottom of this page for those who need them.


If you want guaranteed top-of-page placement - even ahead of the supporter's listings - with no other ads appearing - then look here.

Terms and Conditions

  • your link to us MUST BE a direct link, and NOT run through any type of redirection script.

  • It's important if you use a text link or message to enhance our button link, that you refer to this site as Come On Aussie.

  • As long as your site carries our banner, button or text link in a prominent position (on your home page, or one of the MAIN sections/pages accessible from your home page, and NOT on "links" pages or other pages which might be buried ten levels deep) your listing stays upgraded to "featured."

    Listings will be downgraded if banner/buttons are removed, or if they appear only as part of a random display or banner farm.

  • Remember, this service is for Australian sites only so we need to verify that for .org .com etc sites.

    The "contact us" section on your site must provide detailed Australian contact details or you can not participate - note that WHOIS records are also checked :)

  • Ineligible Sites

    • Adult, racist and other inappropriate sites.

    • Listings which link to affiliate programs (particularly those with overseas parent companies) may not be eligible for the reward program.

    If you've got ANY questions... I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me here.

    Stephen Spry

    Hey.... use these Banners to link to Come On Aussie

    HTML Code Example
    If you wanted to use the first banner shown above, you would
    1. download the graphic to your server and save it as coa_banner.gif and save it in your images directory
    2. place the following code on your home or links page

      <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/coa_banner.gif" alt="Australian Business Directory" width="468" height="60" border=0></a>
    If you want to use the other graphics, the procedure is similar... however the things that will change in the html code are
    a. the name of the image - the src="images/IMAGE_NAME.gif" bit - and
    b. the width= and height= measurements for the selected image (which are shown above each image at top of this page)