Famous Australian Ideas and Innovations

You're going to be very surprised at some of the great inventions Australians have been responsible for...

Heck, Aussie are even responsible for turning dishwater and beer into electricity, AND running cars on nothing but water!

This page presents a variety of those for your perusal - please REFRESH to see a different selection of ten Aussie innovations.

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  • The world's first Plastic Banknotes were invented in Australia in 1988. They last longer and are harder to counterfeit than paper money.

  • In 1972 Dynamic Lifter - an organic fertiliser made from chook manure - was invented.

  • The first full-size rotary hoe cultivator was developed in 1922 and used energy to turn the soil directly, rather than dragging a plough behind a tractor.

  • The u-beaut "ute", with a front including the comforts of a car, and a rear like a truck, was designed in 1933 at the Ford Motor Company in Geelong, Victoria.

  • In 1906, the story about the Kelly Gang was the world's first feature length film.

  • It's now the most popular form of house construction. But, since 1928 brick veneer cladding has changed the face of Australiašs urban and rural environments.

  • John McGarvie Smith donated his secret discovery of an anthrax vaccine to the NSW Government in 1918.

  • Modems the size of a shoebox led the NetComm company to develop in 1985 the Smart Modem - a string of Australian-designed, faster and smaller modems with better features.

  • In 1982, the dual flush toilet (dunny) was responsible for initial savings in excess of 32000 litres of water per household a year. Pretty important in a dry continent!

  • George Nicholas and Henry Woolf Smith produced a high-grade aspirin product in Melbourne called Aspro in 1915. It later took over the international market.

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