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Pricewise Insulation - we are the insulation experts, helping our customers to get the insulation batts they need when they need it.

We supply and deliver all the best insulation brands, Australia wide, including Pink Batts, Knauf Earthwool, Autex GreenStuf (for the polyester insulation fans) Kingspan (a high-performance commercial insulation brand) Bradford Gold batts and also Foilboard.

Pricewise Insulation (Australia)

Insulation is shipped out of our own warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, and also directly from our network of partner distributors all around the country.

If you're not a believer in thermal and acoustic insulation, then consider the following.

Without ceiling insulation your roof space (which heats up like an oven in summer time) will heat up your entire house.

Your ceiling will be warm to touch during the day, and even a powerful air-conditioner will need to work overtime to keep you comfortable in the middle of the day.

Not to mention all the wasted energy. Properly installed ceiling insulation of a sufficient R-Value can easily reduce your energy costs by 40% or more.

Without wall insulation a lot of heat will also be entering in during the hot season, and in the winter, a significant portion of your indoor heating efforts will also go to waste.

Wall insulation can be a bit tricky if you're house walls weren't originally insulated.

But if you're building a new home, or renovating or extending an existing home, if you find yourself looking at an exposed, uninsulated wall cavity, then stick some insulation batts in their while you can!

So who needs underfloor insulation? The short answer is: everyone who lives in a house with a raised (exposed) underfloor, will benefit from underfloor insulation batts or rolls being installed beneath the floor, in between the floor joists.

Floor insulation means that when you heat up the inside of your home, your floor will gradually heat up too, saving you from the 'chilly feet' experience all winter.

And finally: what in the world is acoustic insulation and where should you be installing it?

Acoustic insulation - also known as sound insulation, is specially designed to reduce the transfer of sound between walls.

As such, it is most commonly used in internal walls - between bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries and entertainment rooms. Some people also install soundproofing insulation in the external walls, both for privacy and to lessen the amount of outdoor noise which enters the home (partying neighbours, barking dogs, lawn mowers etc.

It can also be installed between floors - this is an effective way of isolating airborne noise (music, conversations etc) between the upper and lower level of the home.

If you're the do-it-yourself kind, then it's fully possible to install insulation yourself, providing you take the necessary safety precautions.

If you don't feel up to the task or prefer not to get your hands dirty, you should book an installation installer to do the job for you.


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