Come On Aussie Logo is the online artwork exhibition of Morven A. Alston.

Morven A. Alston was born in Inverness, Scotland and moved to Aberdeen when she was eight years old.

Morven has been drawing and painting almost all of her life and has won several prizes for painting since she was 5 years old.

Morven inherited her artistic talent from her mother who was an art teacher.

AnArtery by Morven A. Alston

Morven went to Saturday morning classes at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen and exhibited and sold her first drawing there at the age of 14 years.

She was the first person in Aberdeen to study art at the highest level in school – Sixth Year Studies (SYS) and also studied art as a specialist subject while at college studying to be a school teacher.

Morven's art came in very useful when teaching young (3-5 years) children, which she did for several years, both in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

However, when Morven had to stop teaching due to an injury, she painted extensively during her recuperation period.

This led to several commissions and, on the advice and encouragement of friends, she reproduced some of her work into greetings cards, many of which have been sold in retail outlets in both Aberdeen and Brunei. Morven uses several different media for drawing and painting – oil pastel, watercolour, charcoal and pencil.

Morven has painted scenery for several stage shows; both in Aberdeen Brunei and has also created murals for childrens' playrooms.

Morven has exhibited her artwork in private collections around the world.

Morven's commissions are extensive. She has painted both landscapes and city scenes but her great passion is portraits with character and intriguing emotions.

Along with her husband, Morven emigrated to Australia in 2015 and now lives in Iluka, Perth where she has recently become a member of Joondalup Art Gallery.

Morven has her own studio/gallery in Iluka, Perth where visitors are always welcome, check out Morven's original artwork or submit a commission request today!


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