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Urathane Solutions is a local underpinning, slab jacking and soil stabilisation company servicing both Adelaide and Melbourne.

We use non-invasive patented geo-polyurethane resin injection technology, our experienced team will:

Urathane Solutions: Underpinning

Realign sunken slabs, Lift and realign concrete slabs and floors, Reverse house cracking, Lift and realign foundation, footings floors and walls, Stabilise soil, Raise bridge approaches, Repair pavements, Realign railway tracks, Fix roads, Repair airport landing surfaces, Close wall cracks, Lift home footings, Slab jacking, Resin inject, Fill voids, Waterproof cellars, basements, basement car parks and tunnels.

Our wide range of underpinning and home repair services are suitable for any residential or commercial property throughout South Australia and Victoria.

Our Urethane Solution is specifically designed for water reactive and clay soils, which will reverse the damage caused to buildings and structures.

All of our material expands slowly which prevents the risk of high exothermic temperatures, spontaneous combustion or any other problem facing your home.


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