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As a company that launched over 10 years ago, Pro Electrician Melbourne is a company that is an expert in the electrical field. We’ve dealt with issues concerning electrical faults and also done electrical installations in homes and commercial settings.

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Pro Electrician Melbourne

Electricity is a vital form of energy in that it powers nearly every technological device that we use in our day to day life; computers, refrigerators, decoders and TV sets, in manufacturing industries and even in weather stations.

Since we understand and appreciate the importance of electricity, we offer electrical repair and installation services at standard services to the satisfaction of our clients.

We are fully licensed by the relevant authorities. Our work is legit as we have been approved as quality electrical contractors by the local authorities which ensure that the revenue we generate is realized by the government of Australia.

We offer free quotes where you can request for one and fill in your essentials after which you’ll submit the quote. Once we’ve received your quote we won’t keep you waiting as we shall get to you in just a few minutes.

Due to the high level of competition staged by other electrical companies, we offer our services at friendly rates so that we do not only win clients to our side, but also guarantee maximum satisfaction to anyone willing to hire our services.

During times of emergency such as faulty electrical wires or cables causing problems, our skilled team of experts leaves no stone unturned as it ensures that electrical predicaments are sorted out even on public holidays and on weekends.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of electrical services from electrical appliances to commercial to residential electricians.

· Electrical Appliances: TV sets and radios need electricity for the motion picture viewing and music listening respectively. An electrical extension my experience technical problems which can trigger hazards such as lethal explosion or burning of the TV or radio power cable. In case you experience this and you do not have the technical know-how of how to go about the problem, do contact us to come fix the problem for you.

· Commercial Technician: In office buildings and other work environments such as the cybercafé, factories and even broadcasting stations, electricity is highly a key commodity that is highly utilized to ensure the smooth running of programs at the workplace. Our team is ready to tackle hitches involving poorly installed electrical wires or cables. For buildings like high-rise towers and churches, we provide amicable solutions like the installation of damage-preventing equipment like the antenna lightning arresters.

· Residential Electrician: At home when you are faced by electrical challenges, you may be tempted to perform do-it-yourself corrections in the event things are not right. What you may not know is the fact that rectifying electrical disasters on your own can turn out worse than you’ve ever imagined. You can either get electrocuted in the process or torch an appliance. It is best recommended that you acquire the services of a skilled professional who will solve problems involving all wires and cables that supply electricity to household appliances. In case of broken or malfunctioning switches or sockets, leave the repair job to qualified technicians.

· Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances: We ensure that all wires supplying electricity to kitchens and bathrooms are properly insulated so as to eliminate the risks of electrocution. In case of bad switches or sockets, we consider replacing them with new ones so that accessing both heat and light energy won’t be a fuss.

· Network and Data Cabling: We provide quality cabling products for network and data where we install data cables in the office, design port cabinets and install, test and authenticate network. We also ensure that network components like the routers and switches are properly configured to enhance easy flow of the internet.

Our Service Locations

We are situated in the following areas in Melbourne, Australia:

· Melbourne Inner City & CBD

· Melbourne Northern Suburbs

· Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

At Pro Electrician Melbourne, we have received positive reviews and garnered trust from customers from all across Melbourne. We’ve built a strong client base in the years we’ve been providing our services since our establishment. Apart from that, we’ve given advice to clients and enabled them to realize the value of electricity and also that of electrical appliances too. Since our services have been inevitable, it’s only simple to say that we are a highly reputable company.

If you feel the need to hire our services or if you have any inquiries, feel at your comfort to contact us so that we get to assist you. Our physical address is Level 7, 50 Market Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000 with the phone number 03 8595 9888. Our official working hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays. For this and more information, search our website and scroll down to the bottom of our page where you will view our recent posts.


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