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Air Tools WA has been established since 2002, servicing small to large business in the Air Compressor, Air tools and Air systems area.

Represent leading brands in the market place makes Air Tools WA number for customer service, problem solving and getting the job done.

Air tools WA

We provide all air tools, parts, accessories including filter, regulators, dryers, air recievers, pipping, hose, 'nitto' fitting, electric motors and spare parts.

Our Technicians are available for service and repairs at both our Showrooms in Kenwick and Wangara - Perth. With over 60 year industry experience we can answer any of our compressed air problems.

Onsite repairs and servicing are available by appointment.

For new Setups we offer a free onsite consult followed up by a free quote.

Air tools WA are Altas Copco Authorised Piston and Rotary Screw Air compressor Authorsied distributors.

Major Brands we represent are Airco, Black Cat, Akko, Stutz, SP Air, Condor, Atlas Copco, and SMC.


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