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Our Jumping Castle Hire caters all around Melbourne offering different type of designed Jumping Castles to suit your needs at your event ! We provide custom hire that suit your time frame when it comes to OMG Party Hire Jumping Castles in Melbourne . Our Service , quality and on time delivery will rest a sure that your event will go without any issues on your day from delivering and setting up, to pack up and taking it away.

We offer Public liability of up to $20,000,000 for all our Jumping castle hire in Melbourne and use top quality Jumping castles made in the USA.

Jumping castles are hired out for many occasions such as Birthdays, schools, Fetes, Xmas events and commercial use to attract potential sales customers to your business.

We have a range of different themed jumping castles that come in all different shapes and sizes to most importantly suit your event and area you have to place the castle making it a safe environment for all participants to enjoy them selves without the risk of any such injury.

Our Jumping Castle hire is the safest as they come , not to mention all the fun that involves in having a Jumping Castle Party which helps promote healthy and safe activity for all ages for any type of event you could imagine .

With so many different style and sizes , our Jumping Castle hire also come in so many different themes such as Disney characters, Movie characters and event type themes especially for milestone Birthdays.

We have a weather policy as well , with all deposits and monies refunded due to bad Weather (Rain or Wind) which is something we at OMG Party Hire monitors before most Jumping Castles go out to make sure that safety is your priority and even during your event.

Our Jumping Castles for hire in Melbourne are regularly cleaned after most events to make sure that you get the cleanest Jumping Castle possible on the day of your delivery. Your never too old or young for a Jumping Castle Hire as 40% of our Jumping Castles in Melbourne that are hired out are mainly for Adult events !

Our Quality team at OMG Party Hire offer great service and are fully trained Jumping Castle installers that will go through a checklist with you just to make sure you are aware of the risks involved in hiring a Jumping Castle and making sure your event goes without a hitch.

So Call OMG Party Hire for your next event your having when it comes to Jumping Castle Hire in Melbourne !

OMG Party Hire


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