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Are you looking for a designer furniture retailer that has an environmental conscience? Do you want to find a furniture store that does not have a flat pack in sight? Have you been looking for unique furniture manufactured from recycled teak?

Outdoor Furniture

Mamagreen is a designer furniture retailer that provides a great range of outdoor furniture, homewares and artworks. Mamagreen has wide ranges of designer furniture that will suit any room and any style.

Whether you are looking for a centrepiece for a commercial headquarters, a lounge for the patio in your family house or a new outdoor setting for your holiday home, Mamagreen has something that will not only look great but will add personality to your property.

Mamagreen was started with the belief that looking after the environment is vitally important. Mamagreen has a range of recycled teak furniture that is sourced from old railways and buildings. The timber has unique personality that provides a great earthiness to any room.

Mamagreen has a wide range of furniture including lounges, tables, desks, chairs, dining tables, stools, sun loungers, lounge settings and planters.

Mamagreen has a variety of styles, including the Oko, Quilt, Sally, Sparta, Stripe, Ulu, Vigo, Yuyup, Zix, Zudu and Bistro ranges.

Mamagreen has an online store that allows you to peruse the different ranges of furniture and find the specific range of furniture that suits your personality. Sign up to the Mamagreen newsletter and get informed of the latest specials and sales, so that you never miss out on great deals on amazing furniture.

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Last updated
Mon Aug 7 17:26:08 AEST 2017

  • Mamagreen
    483 Balmain Road
    Lilyfield NSW 2040

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I love handcrafted furniture and the attention to detail involved. Or then there's mass produced in my price range. Take your pick :)

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