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Dr. Barnouti is a highly skilled and fully qualified Sydney Cosmetic Plastic surgeon. His clinics are located in Broadway, Chatswood and Burwood. He reviews and manages hundreds of patients every year for face, breast, abdomen, buttock and genital plastic surgery. He stays abreast of the latest advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr Barnouti is passionate about his work and places a strong emphasis on work integrity, a high degree of ethics and delivering top quality results. His skilled techniques are used to reveal the patient’s own natural beauty as he surgically reshapes the breast, face and problematic areas of the body. He is a source of valuable information that he shares and reviews via the media and the literature. Dr Barnouti’s knowledge has been published in the medical literature and has been presented at medical meetings, conventions and peer reviews meetings as he regularly participates in professional national and international conferences. Dr Barnouti has recently travelled to New York to review plastic surgery cases with leaders in the field. It is Dr Barnouti’s goal to adhere to the highest possible standards of the plastic surgery art to improve the body as will as the self image and confidence of his patients. Dr Barnouti works in private and pubic hospitals such as Stratified private hospital, Hunters Hill Private Hospital, Broadway Day Surgery and Westmead Hospital.

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