Come On Aussie Internet Services [COAIS] has been providing great ideas & information about the Internet since the early days way back in 1995!

I'm proud to fly the Australian flag on the Internet flagpole with a variety of home grown and international resources anyone can benefit from.

Through this blog, I'm sharing news about Come On Aussie, and some other stories I hope you may find useful...

Stephen Spry

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Happy 21st Birthday!

Wow – Who woulda thought? It was July 1995 when I put my first website online – and it’s still there and going strong! Woohoo! And, despite my brush with Mother Nature in January this year – in the form of a heart attack and triple bypass surgery – it seems I am still here […]

Don’t Forget These Moving Essentials

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have moved house in my lifetime! It must be getting up to more than 20 or so now. And as you get older and wiser… things like advice from professionals can actually be useful:) I thought this item (below) from one of my clients was a […]