Design Updates

Well.. to get ready for the upcoming 10th Anniversary of Come On Aussie… I decided to give the brand a complete makeover!

Yes… I know… despite my “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” rule!!!

Gone is the rather “bright” green and gold (the colours you still see on this blog – kept them here for posterity).

But everywhere else… they’ve been replaced with a more “official” representation of the Aussie Green and Gold colours.

And, along with some fine tuning of the text display etc, I believe it is now a lot more readable and possible even more credible 😉

This has given me yet another chance to remove a lot of stale listings discovered in the update process… but more importantly, it allows me to offer a lot more advertising possibilities – something I’ve been trying to incorporate for quite some time.

I enjoyed fiddling again with the CGI programming to bring various routines up to scratch… and now, the vast majority of the .com site is now done using CSS (which is something I thought I would never get this old head around).

For full details of the new look @ Come On Aussie… please check out:


Let me know your thoughts etc (if any) by leaving a comment below!

I would love to hear from you!

Stephen Spry


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