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It’s taken me a little while to best determine how to plug Facebook into the pages at Come On Aussie to get some “real” benefit from it for all parties involved – i.e. me (as site owner), you (as a visitor) and the many businesses who list their Australian websites here in this directory.

Why has it taken so long, especially since Facebook has been around for ages? Well, through my own Facebook profile, I’ve been “watching” what people actually “do” there – apart from playing games :) And by “people” I mean mainly everyday people… and NOT the business person.

And apart from playing games, most of the people I’ve been “stalking” seem to like “liking” pages… a lot.

Now when you consider their “likes” get posted onto their Facebook wall for all their friends to “see”… a good page can quickly become viral…

My Changes…

So you’ll notice that the Australian website listings at Come On Aussie now have THREE pieces of information which interact directly with Facebook as in this example.

coa-facebookThe first is at the top of screen, just under the mainly heading/link to the website, and asks who “likes this business”?

Here, the Facebook Like button points to YOUR URL submitted with the listing… so if anyone already “likes” your website, it will show up here!

As well as providing some social “proof” of the value of your website, it should also drive additional traffic directly to your site from Facebook… which is crazy (good) especially if you don’t even HAVE a Facebook presence yourself!!!

The second is AFTER the listing, and asks “Who Likes this page?”

In this case, it is referring to the listing page at Come On Aussie itself, and is used to drive additional traffic from Facebook back to Come On Aussie… so (hopefully) many more people will discover our established Australian website directory and use it on a more regular basis.

The third interaction is the Facebook “comments” section at the BOTTOM of each listing.

Here, people can leave comments about the site, page or business/service listed, and the comments are shown both here and on their Facebook wall – again with a link back to the listing page.

These comments are NOT moderated, however as admin I can delete highly inappropriate ones (but only if/when they are brought to my attention).

This comment section could act as a mini “review” page for each website listed… providing more of the social “proof” that is becoming so important these days.

How Can You Use This?

As an Australian website owner, who has added their URL to the Come On Aussie index… these changes can be very useful to you (especially if you do NOT have any Facebook integration on your own website)

1. First up – visit your listing page, and login to EDIT it and make sure all the details are up to date!

2. Then, if you have a Facebook account – make sure you click the LIKE button at the top of your listing! Remember this will post a “like” link to your wall, and your friends will see it (and hopefully a few of them will also “like” your site).

3. A little later on… come back to your listing page and click the LIKE button afteryour listing! Again, this will post a link to your wall, and your friends will come visit your listing page at Come On Aussie.

4. Again… a little while later… come back to your listing page and write a “comment” in the box at the bottom. This comment will appear both on your Come On Aussie listing, AND will be posted to your Facebook wall.

5. Encourage your “friends” with Facebook accounts to visit your Come On Aussie listing and leave constructive comments here! Hopefully it will provide a boost to the click-throughs to your site!

The reason I am suggesting you “delay” your liking of these pages… is so that your Facebook friends don’t get too annoyed with your self promotion :)

So… it is now even MORE important that you regularly re-visit your listing page:

  1. to keep your listing up to date, and
  2. to see what comments people may be leaving (so you can reply, or request removal by contacting me)

Facebook Thumbnail Marketing

You will notice that when someone “likes” the page… or leaves a comment on these pages, that a thumbnail image is shown on their Facebook wall.

Often Facebook takes a VERY poor “guess” at working out which thumbnail image to show here… and often displays one that is not appropriate.

You can “help” Facebook determine EXACTLY which image to show by including a special <meta> tag on your website pages.

For example… I have included the following code (above the opening <body> tag) on all the “listing” pages here:

<meta property=”og:image”‘ content = “http://www.comeonaussie.com/images/th-coa.jpg” >

This tells Facebook to use the image shown to the right as the thumbnail for all the “likes” and comments that originate from this site.


I would strongly advise you to include a similar image and code on your website, so that you can control which thumbnail Facebook shows when people like your pages, or recommend links to their friends on that channel.

And if you can, consider integrating these “like” and “comment” elements into your own site… It’s not that hard to do :)

Start here for the details on what’s needed.

So here’s hoping this will do some good things for all concerned.

Cheers for now
Stephen Spry


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