Happy 21st Birthday!

Wow – Who woulda thought? It was July 1995 when I put my first website online – and it’s still there and going strong! Woohoo!

And, despite my brush with Mother Nature in January this year – in the form of a heart attack and triple bypass surgery – it seems I am still here as well!

So that’s a double celebration for sure!

While Australia’s Careers OnLine has been “online” since mid-1995, my dabbling into the “directory” field didn’t begin until the following year when I established the first online directory for Western Sydney businesses.

I expanded that to become an “Aussie wide” one in 1998, then modified that to launch “Come On Aussie”, operating under its own “name” in 2001.

That means Come On Aussie is a blooming teenager @ 15 years old LOL

To help “celebrate” this remarkable achievement, I’ve been busy the last few weeks (August-September 2016) on a big “revamp” of the site, with the installation of a new responsive theme, a LOT of recoding of the back-end programming, and taking out the rubbish (old listings that have expired or were deemed unsatisfactory after review).

And now… Step 1 of that update is complete.

Check out the new home page, and all the new pages and displays in the main Categories section which are now “live”.

There’s still quite a few more sections and code to play with… I anticipate that I can get that all completed within the next few weeks!

And with that, I’ll be able to provide some exciting new possibilities for Aussie businesses to consider!

But right now, I’m heading off for a well-deserved R&R with some camping and toasting some marshmallows!

Cheers for now! 🙂

Stephen Spry


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