Need Some Fans… Can You Help?

One of the “annoying” changes with Facebook is their requirement for a fan page to have 25 “likes” before you can give it a shorter, better looking, unique username.

So here’s my impromptu plea for any Facebook users out there reading this to please, please, please go visit my new fan page and click the LIKE button at the top of the page when you get there.

And then I can shrink this annoyingly long address to something a lot more user friendly…

I only plan to post something there several times a week, so it won’t become too much of a burden for you 😉

Thanks for your help!

Stephen Spry


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  1. admin on October 15th, 2011 11:34 pm

    UPDATE Thank Goodness! Recent Facebook changes meant that this silly requirement is not needed anymore… so you can now visit our fan page directly here:

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