New Mobile Version of Come On Aussie

I’ve always had some reluctance with the thought of developing a whole “new” website designed soley for a mobile audience… Wondering whether the effort would be worth the reward? Whether there are enough mobile users out there to make it worthwhile?

Well a recent email from an old associate made me bite the bullet – bigtime! Many thanks to Thomas D’Souza for the nudge!!!

And now you can see for yourself how good (or not) the mobile version of the Come On Aussie website directory is!

It’s more than just a basic implementation… with lots of room for expansion!

View the mobile version here!

Yes… you can see it in a normal browser window… just make it a LOT narrower so it makes sense 🙂

I certainly like how the individual business listing pages show up (if only I could get the Google maps API to work properly… mutter… grumble…)

The “Postcode” search is something I will work on improving shortly. ATM it will ONLY match one postcode… It would be a lot betterer if it looked for nearby postcodes especially if there was no match on the main one!

That said… if you do a keyword search for a couple of keywords (or more), you stand a good chance of getting a better set of results!

Please let me know what you think!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how it could be improved.

Stephen Spry


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