We’re Getting Too Much Junk…

We’re getting far too many “junk” listings being added to Come On Aussie lately… and it’s getting beyond a joke 🙂

We’ve had to tighten up the “rules” about what can and can’t be submitted, and wish to advise that we do seriously and manually look at every single website submitted to our great australian website directory!

So… if you submit:

  • NON-AUSTRALIAN websites,
  • Sites that are nothing more than “doorway” pages to other (client?) websites (i.e. obviously built just for SEO purposes),
  • MULTIPLE domains/subdomains submitted for plumber-brisbane, or brisbane-plumber etc (again SEO pages only),
  • Sites which contain very little USEFUL content stuffed with advertising (i.e. “made for adsense” sites),
  • Sites which are not complete (i.e obviously still under construction),
  • Listings submitted with FAKE or INCORRECT/INCOMPLETE CONTACT DETAILS, or
  • Sites about GAMBLING and CASINOS etc.

Then you WILL find your submission REJECTED without any notice!

If your site does not offer my users any real value… then I don’t want to “recommend” it to them and risk losing them in the future because “all they find here is crap”.

Also… we are totally in favour of 100% transparency on the web if you are legitimate about doing business online.

So… If we cannot easily verify the contact details provided, or if they look at all suspicious or designed to mislead, your listing will be removed!

And again, with all the noise about scams and security etc online… I would like to think that only legitimate businesses are using my services. Again, I can’t risk my reputation by permitting the “dodgy brothers” to do business here  🙂

So if your submission is unexpectedly removed, chances are it did not pass this process due to one of the reasons stated above.

Please don’t waste your time (or ours) by submitting sites which do not qualify!

If you do the right thing, we apologize for sounding so abrupt… but these jokers are affecting the quality of our user experience with their spam, and it’s time to do something very OBVIOUS about it…

And that includes going back through previous submissions and removing sites which do not measure up – which, while it will be a tedious job to get through, will be worthwhile in the end.

Stephen Spry


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  1. Matthew Jones on December 29th, 2011 8:54 am

    Sounds fair. Cheers!

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